NEWS T1 24 Troubleshooting Sterling Control Center Monitor CC Reporting Connect:Direct Server is down

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IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.
Control Center reporting Connect:Direct Server is down


Connect:Direct UNIX and Connect:Direct Windows server reporting CCTR034E Server Down in Control Center alerts.


Sterling Control Center engine log shows a sequence of error message for the Connect Direct Server; CNCD058E Error getting data from server CNCD049E Server Task error CNCD024E Error getting stats from server.


The value for tcp.api.inactivity.timeout in Connect Direct was set too low.

Diagnosing The Problem

Review the Control Center Engine Logs and the Connect Direct value for

Resolving The Problem

Check the “Monitor Rest Time” in Control Center under the CD Server properties.
Verify that the CD “tcp.api.inactivity.timeout” value is set higher than the Monitor Rest Time in Control Center.

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