NEWS T3 23 TBSHOT SB2I Cannot open a MXL from a previous version of ISBI

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Cannot open a MXL from a previous version of ISBI


When attempting to open a map with an MXL extension, a pop up is encountered with the following text in a pop up window:

‘188608’ violates maxInclusive constraint of ‘32767’. The element ‘{}ConditionalFieldID with value ‘188608’ failed to parse.


The issue is the number assigned to the ConditionalFieldID is over the format length of 32767.


In a text editor, open the *.MXL file and look for the following tree:







Change the value to any number under 32767. For example <ConditionalFieldID>32700</ConditionalFieldID>.

All the elements that are over that number need changed. But you should also keep in mind they should be unique.

Do not change the value to -1 though. This will also correct the issue and allow the map to be opened, but the fields in question will lose the standard rule “Use Constant”.

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